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What a fascinating year so far! In early January, Vaughn told me his favorite cycling news site was losing its spot on the net and might not continue. He really felt like he needed to do something. After hearing him talk about it, I became completely wrapped up in what was going to happen to this site, and what I could do to help. Mind you, until January I knew not a thing about professional cycling (uh, what's a peloton?). All I can say is that I was simply drawn to the Daily Peloton "project." 

As a technical consultant and writer, I do know quite a bit about the web, hardware, software, management, publishing, et cetera. This experience has been put to a whole new level of use, since from mid-January I have been working full time on the Daily Peloton, hoping to carry on the fine tradition Larry Hickmott started (at least I feel like I'm logging as many hours as he did...). Larry will always be the Cycling_Site_God, but the DP crew officially dubbed me the "Site_Goddess." It is an honor and I do my best to live up to it.

These days, I get to communicate with pro riders (and sometimes their parents), team management, technical experts, manufacturers, race organizers and volunteers. I get to help plan race coverage, have written a few articles, and learn more about this amazing sport and the people in it every day. I've even played in my first Fabio's Fantasy Games! (This is no small feat - in the beginning, I sat in DP chats all clammed up because I couldn't contribute a thing to ANY topic being discussed!)  I am also lucky enough to email and chat with Daily Peloton readers - a very interesting, extremely intelligent and supportive group.

Most importantly, I have new friends all over the globe (UK, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, and across the US) whom I greatly admire and get to work with every day - the Daily Peloton writers and photographers. These are the funnest, most genuine, devoted and hard working individuals I have ever met. They are very, very dear to me and I cannot say enough about them.

Bottom line: I wouldn't trade this for the world! Yet, if you'd asked me six months ago, I'd never have guessed that this is what I would be doing. I consider it a privilege, and hope that we are giving the Daily Peloton readers what they want. To that end, you can always email me with your comments, complaints, suggestions, or just to say hello. In fact, I very much hope you will.

Best wishes,



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