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Velocio Sports turns to crowd funding with Project-X
By Imelda March
Date: 7/25/2014
Velocio Sports turns to crowd funding with Project-X
"We're switching tactics in our search for team sponsorship and funding."
- Team Owner Kristy Scrymgeour

Velocio Sports announced today that it is opening up club membership for 2015 to its fans and supporters of women's cycling.

"We're switching tactics in our search for team sponsorship and funding," said Team Owner Kristy Scrymgeour, "and we want to get the cycling community involved in an attempt to build a bridge between the ever-increasing number of recreational cyclists and pro cycling as a sport."

The team's financial contracts with Specialized and lululemon come to an end in December and the team is looking to bring on new partners.

"We have corporate interest for part of our budget and we've decided to add to that by trying something a little different."

The team will launch a campaign on Friday with indiegogo, a global crowd-funding platform, which allows the public to get involved with projects that they're passionate about. In this case, everyone who gets involved will be a team member and will have access to exclusive information and opportunities.

"It's a way for us to invite people to be a part of the team and vote for women's cycling at the same time. It starts with supporting our team, but if we can create a buzz around this campaign, it will reach the eyes of potential sponsors for both the team and other aspects of our sport.

Scrymgeour continued, "women's cycling needs two things: exposure and a growing the fan base. This weekend's La Course at the Tour de France is a great opportunity to get that exposure and we need more and more of that. By growing our women's cycling community and building a bigger fan base, we increase the demand for more exposure.

Click here to learn about incentives offered for those who get involved.

"We want to create an opportunity for everyone to be involved and we're lucky to have not only the team, but support from former pro Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and representatives from the men's side of the support with George Hincapie and Bernie Eisel offering up their time to support the campaign and women's cycling."

For more information about the team, visit Velocio Sports.


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