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UCI Women: Vuelta a Costa Rica Roes-Selther
By Imelda March
Date: 2/23/2014
UCI Women: Vuelta a Costa Rica Roes-Selther
The Costa Rican Cycling Federation will host the Women’s Tour of Costa Rica/Vuelta Femenina a Costa Rica from February 26 to March 2. The race is classified UCI 2.2 and will consist of five stages. At press time, 74 riders are said to be registered representing riders from Europe, South America, North America and Central America. The race has a new title sponsor as a result the new race will be referred to as Women’s Tour of Costa Rica Roes-Selther/Vuelta Femenina a Costa Rica Roes-Selther.

Below are a few of the confirmed teams:

Alé Cipollini Team
Astana-Be Pink

Iscorp Intelligentsia
National Team of Guatemala
Pedalea con Nosotras
Route Bike Ladies
Team Specialized Colombia

ECC Ciclo Corea-Balcón del Marisco
Tifosi Optics
Monge Dale Viaje
Team Newton


Stage 1 February 26 – Road Race - Servicentro Guápiles, Limón San Miguel, Sarapiquí, 76.95kms/47.81miles.

Stage 2 February 27 ITT - San Gerardo Ticabán, Guápiles San Rafael, La Colonia Guápiles, 20.4kms/12.67 miles.

Stage 3 February 28 Road Race - ROES Orotina Parrita, 85.5kms/53.12 miles.

Stage 4 March 1 – Road Race - Municipalidad de Heredia ROES Grecia, Costado Sur 84.14kms/52.28 miles.

Stage 5 March 2 – Circuit Race - Sucursal Coopenae, Pavas, San José Sucursal Coopenae, Pavas, San José, 73.6kms/45.73 miles.

♦ 2013 Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania)
♦ 2012 Edith Guillen (Costa Rica)
♦ 2011 Edith Guillen (Costa Rica)
♦ 2010 Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador)
♦ 2009 Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador)
♦ 2008 Gloria Gutierrez (Colombia)
♦ 2007 Adriana Rojas (Costa Rica)
♦ 2006 Adriana Rojas (Costa Rica)
♦ 2005 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 2004 Viviana Maya (Colombia)
♦ 2003 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 2002 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 1991 Rosaura Mendez (Costa Rica)

Women’s Tour of Costa Rica makes debut on UCI schedule


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