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UCI Women: Tour Femenino de San Luis 2014
By Imelda March
Date: 1/10/2014
UCI Women: Tour Femenino de San Luis 2014
The first Tour Femenino de San Luis 2014/Women’s Tour of San Luis 2014 will be held in San Luis, Argentina from January 14 to 18. The tour will consist of five stages covering 268.8 kilometers/167.0 miles.

Organizers have confirmed that approximately 100 athletes are expected to participate. The region will be well represented with many in-country teams and others representing Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Chile and the United States. The United States will be represented by members of the newly launched women's division of the United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team. European and Asian teams are not represented in this year’s edition.

Stage 1: 14 January – Villa Mercedes - Villa Mercedes, 63 km (39.1 mi)
Stage 2: 15 January – Merlo - Merlo, 56.2 km (34.9 mi)
Stage 3: 16 January – El Durazno -El Durazno, 60.2 km (37.4 mi)
Stage 4: 17 January – ITT - Juana Kozlay - Juana Kozlay, 10.6 km (6.6 mi)
Stage 5: 18 January – San Luis - San Luis, 78.8 km (49.0 mi)


Abbott Mara UnitedHealthcare (United States)
Powers Alison UnitedHealthcare
Ryan Alexis UnitedHealthcare
Laws Sharon UnitedHealthcare
Barnes Hannah UnitedHealthcare

Aravena Claudia Clos Pirque- Trek (Chile)
Aravena Irene Clos Pirque- Trek
Chambas Paulette Clos Pirque- Trek
Munoz Paola Clos Pirque- Trek
Subercaseaux Sthephanie Clos Pirque- Trek
Vallejos Karla Clos Pirque- Trek

Ana Paula Polegatch Seleccion de Brasil (Brasil)
Clemilda Fernandes Silva Seleccion de Brasil
Janildes Fernandes Silva Seleccion de Brasil
Marcia Fernandes Silva Seleccion de Brasil

Rivera Andreina Funvic (Brasil)
Silva Cristiane Funvic
Souza Fernanda Funvic
Silva Luciene Funvic

Brenda Gomez Nova (Argentina)
Sonia Vanesa Ferrara Nova
Romina Russo Nova
Graciela Zarate Nova
Dolores Rodriguez Rey Nova
Mariela Delgado Nova

Fernandez Ivana CFP (Argentina)
Valentino Cecilia CFP
> Godoy Natalia CFP
Previley Caterin CFP
Nunez Padilla Miryam CFP
De Laporte Florencia CFP

Aguilera Natalia Mercedes SL (Argentina)
Olivera Lucila Mercedes SL
Meneses Gonzalez Jessenia Mercedes SL
Gladys Diaz Mercedes SL
Arrieta Agostina Mercedes SL
Diaz Silvana Mercedes SL

Gabriela Casilda Riquelme Stemax Sports (Argentina)
Paola Liliana Toane Stemax Sports
Soledad Jesica Cannistra Stemax Sports
Ingrid Karen Guiller Stemax Sports
Patricia Edith Alonso Stemax Sports
Claudia Alejandra Escobar Stemax Sports

Arlenis Sierra Canadilla Seleccion de Cuba (Cuba)
Marlies Mejia Garcia Seleccion de Cuba
Yudelmis dominguez Massague Seleccion de Cuba
Yoanka Gonzalez Perez Seleccion de Cuba

Greve Cristina Roberto Braguette (Argentina)
Salto Yanina Elizabeth Roberto Braguette
Arias Andrea Roberto Braguette
Galan Carolina Roberto Braguette
Jawosrki Natasha Roberto Braguette
Parrado Rocio Roberto Braguette

Alliegro Alejandra Acimproba- Orbai (Argentina)
Alvarez Carla Acimproba- Orbai
Carabajal Noelia Acimproba- Orbai
Pilz Estefania Acimproba- Orbai
Saponara Elisa Acimproba- Orbai
Fadiga maria Mercedes Acimproba- Orbai

Mariela Brizuela Coach - Martin Garrido (Argentina)
Agustina Apaza Coach - Martin Garrido
Ines Gutierrez Coach - Martin Garrido
Carolina Perez Coach - Martin Garrido
Carolina Maldonado Coach - Martin Garrido
Nathalia Delgado Coach - Martin Garrido

Roca Maria Victoria Punta Indio (Argentina)
Ataides Maria Jose Punta Indio
Gonzalez Dayana Belen Punta Indio
Figueroa Julieta Ayhlin Punta Indio
Rosello Solange Flavia Punta Indio
Zarate Veronica Flavia Punta Indio

Sanchez Daniela Alejandra Bicimania (Argentina)
Prezioso Maria Alejandra Bicimania
Martinez Elsa Gladys Bicimania
Brizuela Macarena Bicimania
Rosii Ana Paola Bicimania
Nancy Murgo Bicimania

Gorosito Patricia Brunetta Bike (Argentina)
Vilche Zuliani Daniela Brunetta Bike
Acuna Monica Graciela Brunetta Bike
Beccaglia Marina Soledad Brunetta Bike
Grinovero Cecilia Ines Brunetta Bike
De Dio Miriam Lorena Brunetta Bike

Frish Barbara Planeta Xilium (Argentina)
Haedo Debora Planeta Xilium
Aguirre Talia Planeta Xilium
Pintos valeria Planeta Xilium
Silliman Erin Planeta Xilium
Veronneau Kate Planeta Xilium

Adriana Tovar Colombia FR (Colombia)
Serika Guluma Colombia FR
Lorena Beltran Colombia FR
Viviana Narvaez Colombia FR
Alicia Reynoso Colombia FR
Patricia Biutrago Colombia FR

Vezza Mariana Team Femenino SL (Argentina)
Buena Belen Team Femenino SL
Paz Vicencio Bravo Team Femenino SL
Rojas gabriela Team Femenino SL
Trinasjtic Evelyn Team Femenino SL
Monsalve Guiraudo Valentina Team Femenino SL

Above roster is a register to participate role call and was submitted by the Race Director. Roster subject to change.



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