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European Cycling Union to host women and youth title races
By Staff
Date: 10/14/2013
European Cycling Union to host women and youth title races
On November 3 the European Cycling Union (ECU) will host title races for women and youth in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic).

During the European Championships, besides the two men title categories (junior men and Under 23 Men/U23), for the first time titles will also be given out to women categories.

As aiming to develop cyclo-cross, the European Cycling Union, wants to allow for gradual growth of women athletes aged 23 and under. This will be in close collaboration with the International Cycling Union objectives. The women will take part in two distinct races: category Women Youth (17 – 22 years old) and category Women Elite (23 years old and older).

The creation of the Women Youth European Cyclo-Cross Championship symbolizes an important step towards the modernization of cycling, but above all towards the development of cyclo-cross, a discipline in continuous growing and followed from the very beginning by lots of passionate supporters.

For further information about the event visit European Cycling Union.


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