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Tour of British Columbia - An Ultra-Cycling Race
By Staff
Date: 8/13/2013
Tour of British Columbia - An Ultra-Cycling Race

Tour of British Columbia - An Ultra-Cycling Race.

Tour of British Columbia

Searching for something different to challenge you and your two wheels? Do you want to go as far and fast as you possibly can? Over mountains and mountains and mountains, through rain-forests, past glaciers and grizzly-bears?  Would you like to race in wilderness so remote that you will actually see a road sign that says, “South to Alaska”; where bears, bison and mountain goat outnumber the human population? Do you want to ride on rollers so steep you cannot see the over the peak until you are heading back down? Do you want to accomplish something so amazing it will inspire you for the rest of your life?

If you do and are willing to do what it takes Canada and ultra-cycling impresario Perry Stone offers the Tour of British Columbia (, the longest ultra-endurance bicycle race on earth.

Beginning August 3rd, 2014 racers will start off in White Rock, British Columbia on a journey of over 5,100 kilometers or 3,170 miles. They will climb over 150,000 feet (preliminary route estimate) on their way through some of the most spectacular wilderness Canada has to offer.

The race is open to anyone over the age of 21, riding any bicycle or human-powered vehicle desired and you can ride as a soloist (time limit 16 days) or part of a two person relay team, four person relay team or an eight person relay team (11 day time limit). The rules are simple: each rider or team of riders must supply their own escort crew and may ride 24 hours a day. Soloists may ride as many hours a day as they are capable, but to officially finish they will need to cover a minimum of 200 miles (320kilometers) per day.

If you have heard about the Race Across America but couldn’t afford their entry fees, the Tour of British Columbia offers a pratical alternative with an early bird registration rate of just $1,000 for solo riders and $5,500 for eight person teams.

The Tour of British Columbia is actually the flagship race in the world’s first trilogy of simultaneously held ultra-cycling events, the “Rider’s Race Series”, which also includes the BC Explorer (2,800 k or 1,750 m) and the 1,600 kilometer/1,000 mile BC Contender. So if you aren't ready for the world's longest, the Rider's Race Series has got you covered.

We asked Perry Stone what his motivation was for creating these events and how he has approached their development...........

 Ultra-cycling gave me the opportunity to explore the world, to learn so much about myself and to meet so many amazing people in the sport that I wanted to give others the same opportunity to experience what I did.

I have spent three years of my life developing these races and have built up a team of 12 highly qualified and experienced people to help me present them.

We focused foremost on the total rider experience. First we considered safety and developed race routes as remote as we could find  that are still accessible to our racers. If you consider the population of Canada has a denisty of 9 people per square mile compared to the USA which has a density of 84 people per square mile you begin to understand the bicycle friendliness of our routes.

We wanted to make the routes as appealling as possible and came up with a route for the Tour of British Columbia that includes Banff and Jasper National Parks , the Columbia Icefields Parkway, the Rocky Mountains and a long stretch of the Alaska Highway and far too many amazing areas to describe right now. (Readers may visit for a full course description.) The racing is difficult enough, its not only nice to ride in such an environment it is also inspirational.

We also kept in mind the cost of participation and selected White Rock, BC as our start/finish line because it is only a few miles from the Canada/USA border and within 40 miles of both American and Canadian International Airports.  Racers renting vehicles can return them to the point of rental and arrange air travel in and out of the same airport. We also made registration fees, by far, the lowest available.

We selected August 3sup>rd as our start date to allow North American based riders more of the “outdoor” riding season to prepare. And finally we created three levels of recognition for racers performance; so if a rider faces unexpected setbacks they still have the opportunity to adapt, recovery and continue on. We did this to protect the integrity of the elite rider’s participation while still recognizing the commitment people put into preparing for such a challenge. We would much rather people accomplish something then go home defeated.

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