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Giorgia Bronzini wins Stage II of the Giro Rosa
By Imelda March
Date: 7/1/2013
Giorgia Bronzini wins Stage II of the Giro Rosa
Giorgia Bronzini has painted the Giro Rosa with "azzurro". Italy finally got a stage victory in International Tour of Italy for Women thanks to the two time World Champion, gold medalist in Geelong 2010 and Copenhagen 2011. In Pontecagnano Faiano (SA) the Wiggle Honda sprinter won the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of the Giro Rosa beating Marianne Vos (Rabo Woman Cycling Team), leader of the general classification, and the young rider Barbara Guarischi (Vaiano Fondriest).

«I'm really happy because my last victory in the Giro Rosa was a lifetime ago... In 2008 in Caerano San Marco (TV)-Pontecchio Polesine (RO) stage. Yesterday I was really unlucky because I punctured twice in the final, I finished last and I wanted to reverse the classification as soon as possible. I made it today thanks to my super team mates» the stage winner said at the finish line.

Marianne Vos, as yesterday 2nd in the photo finish, said: «I was really in danger of falling beacuse of a small dent in the road I was unclipped from my right pedal. I was really near to the stage victory, but I'm happy to be safe and still in pink. I wouldn't be if it was not for my skills on the bike, probably I was just lucky».

Tomorrow is a hard stage, Stage III, in Cerro al Volturno (IS) wtih102 kms to be ridden on the streets where Noemi Cantele won in 2009. That was the last Italian victory in Giro Rosa, until yesterday.

Stage II Results

1. Bronzini Giorgia (Wiggle Honda) 99,600 km in 2h34'03" average speed 38,793 km/h
2. Vos Marianne (Rabo Woman Cycling Team) s.t.
3. Guarischi Barbara (Vaiano Fondriest) s.t.
4. Hall Lauren (Nazionale Usa) s.t.
5. Collins Emily (Wiggle Honda) s.t.
6. Ferrand Prevot Pauline (Rabo Woman Cycling Team) s.t.
7. Kozonchuk Oxana (Rusvelo) s.t.
8. Johnsen Cecilies Gotas (Hitec Products) s.t.
9. Amialiusik Alena (BePink) s.t.
10. Tagliaferro Marta (MCipollini Giordana) s.t.

General Classification

1. Vos Marianne (Rabo Woman Cycling Team) in 5h27'37"
2. Tagliaferro Marta (MCipollini Giordana) at 17"
3. Guarischi Barbara (Vaiano Fondriest) at 17''
4. Leth Julie (Hitec Products) at 17"
5. Visser Adrie (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team) at 19''


* PINK Derma Fresh, General Classification: Vos Marianne (Rabo Woman Cycling Team)
* CYCLAMEN Selle Italia, Points Classification: Vos Marianne (Rabo Woman Cycling Team)
* GREEN Saugella, KOM Classification: Scandolara Valentina (MCipollini Giordana)
* WHITE Algida, Young Classification: Guarischi Barbara (Vaiano Fondriest)
* BLUE Dama, Italian Classification: Tagliaferro Marta (MCipollini Giordana)

(Position, Country, ID, Athlete Name, Team Name, Time)

1 1 NED19870513 VOS Marianne (NED) 1987 RBW RABO WOMAN CYCLING TEAM 5:27'37
2 54 ITA19891104 TAGLIAFERRO Marta (ITA) I 1989 MCG MCIPOLLINI GIORDANA 5:27'54 17
3 124 ITA19901002 GUARISCHI Barbara (ITA) GI 1990 VAI VAIANO FONDRIEST 5:27'54 17
4 92 DEN19920713 LETH Julie (DEN) G 1992 HPU HITEC PRODUCTS UCK 5:27'54 17
5 23 NED19831019 VISSER Adrie (NED) 1983 DLT BOELS DOLMANS CYCLING TEAM 5:27'56 19
6 4 FRA19920210 FERRAND PREVOT Pauline (FRA) G 1992 RBW RABO WOMAN CYCLING TEAM 5:27'57 20
7 94 NOR19760420 JOHNSEN Cecilie Gotaas (NOR) 1976 HPU HITEC PRODUCTS UCK 5:27'57 20
8 174 USA19790202 HALL Lauren (USA) 1979 UNT USA NATIONAL TEAM 5:27'58 21
9 153 RUS19880528 KOZONCHUK Oksana (RUS) 1988 RVL RUSVELO 5:27'58 21
10 12 BLR19890206 AMIALIUSIK Alena (BLR) 1989 BPK BEPINK 5:27'58 21
11 72 NED19870211 VAN DIJK Eleonora (NED) 1987 SLU SPECIALIZED LULULEMON 5:27'58 21
12 46 BEL19930917 VAN SEVEREN Celine (BEL) G 1993 LBL LOTTO BELISOL LADIES 5:27'58 21
13 184 AUS19881031 ELVIN Gracie (AUS) 1988 GEW ORICA AIS 5:27'58 21
14 36 AUS19811214 GILMORE Rochelle (AUS) 1981 WHT WIGGLE HONDA 5:27'58 21
15 91 ITA19931020 RATTO Rossella (ITA) GI 1993 HPU HITEC PRODUCTS UCK 5:27'58 21
16 81 ITA19890615 BORGATO Giada (ITA) I 1989 PZC PASTA ZARA COGEAS 5:27'58 21
17 8 NED19821008 VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek (NED) 1982 RBW RABO WOMAN CYCLING TEAM 5:27'58 21
18 168 ESP19900221 SAN SEBASTIAN LASA Irene (ESP) G 1990 BPD BIZKAIA DURANGO 5:27'58 21
19 77 USA19800420 SMALL Carmen (USA) 1980 SLU SPECIALIZED LULULEMON 5:27'58 21
20 33 NZL19900916 COLLINS Emily (NZL) G 1990 WHT WIGGLE HONDA 5:27'58 21

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