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Multipower Sportsfood launches new Power Layer Bar
By Mark Sharon
Date: 6/18/2013
Multipower Sportsfood launches new Power Layer Bar
2013 Daily Peloton

Power Layer Bar

Headline: Multipower Sportsfood launches new Power Layer Bar

Leading European Sports Nutrition Company Atlantic Multipower has launched a brand new protein bar, the Power Layer Bar. The Power Layer Bar which contains 33% protein is billed by Multipower as a convenient protein and carbohydrate rich snack. The Daily pelootn wil be reviwing the bar over the coming week, but meanwhile in its press release Multipower, offcial nutrition sponsor to the Giro d'Italia, said:

"The bar contains premium quality ingredients, with 23.8g of carbohydrates and 19.8g of protein to aid muscle recovery after exercise. Comprising four layers of nuts, caramel, crispies and chocolate with no artificial colours, it’s a real indulgence after training or as a snack between meals.

For the trainee with a sweet tooth, the bar acts as a tasty high protein alternative to a chocolate bar, with the protein coming in the form of high quality milk proteins. It contains all the branched chain and essential amino acids, and is a convenient way to contribute extra protein to the diet, supporting the maintenance and growth of lean muscle tissue."

Marketing Manager of Multipower UK, Shân Savage said: “We are really pleased to add another great tasting product to our sports bar range. For those who are putting in the training hours, the Power Layer Bar helps you get the right nutrition for both fuelling and recovery.”

Multipower Nutritionist Drew Price said: “When it comes to eating for your goals, be they athletic or body composition orientated, the psychology of dietary compliance is a big part of success. The Power Layer is a great tasting bar and with a third of the calorie content in the form of high quality protein, it represents a viable alternative to the commonly seen snacks."

The Power Layer Bar will be used by Multipower ambassadors including Rugby League side Leeds Rhinos and Northampton Saints and England full back, Ben Foden, as part of their nutrition programmes.

Retailing at £2.50 RRP a bar or £45.00 for a box of 18 online at, the 60g bar comes in Chocolate-Caramel Nut flavour.

The bar is available via leading gyms and online at



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