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Half the Road, indie film exploring cycling inequalities
By Imelda March
Date: 5/16/2013
Half the Road, indie film exploring cycling inequalities
HALF the ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport.

The initial concept was to document women's professional cycling around the world; however, as footage was being collected it turned into something bigger: a film about equality.

Honestly the trailer production surpassed my expectations and I hope you will be equally dazzled. Your donation will enable the director to widen the path for further distribution of the documentary.

Director: Kathryn Bertine

Stars: Professional women bicycle racers from around the world.

Language: English

Release Date: September/October 2013 (USA)

Don’t waste time and donate early and often!

About the author: An experienced racer, Imelda March lives in Chicago and is a member of Team Kenda. She is a frequent contributor to The Daily Peloton Cycling News team, reporting on women’s cycling news and general peloton ramblings. She also holds an MBA, is a marketing strategy expert, and is a social media team member/contributor to the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association.


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