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Joe Martin Stage Race: Olds wins stage 2, Hausler leads GC
By Staff
Date: 4/27/2013
Joe Martin Stage Race: Olds wins stage 2, Hausler leads GC
In an incredible show of strength and teamwork, Team TIBCO dominated Stage 2 of the Joe Martin Stage Race today, increasing their General Classification lead and taking home another stage win. Shelley Olds took the final sprint for first place, while overall race leader Claudia Häusler placed third, earning a time bonus and putting more time into her GC rivals.

I'm very, very happy for the entire team, said Hausler. "Every single girl did a great job and knew exactly where and how to help. It was perfect. Hand in hand, it was really perfect."

The Team entered today's stage with the goal of defending the leader's jersey. A stage win was the icing on the cake.

The goal was keep the jersey, but we won the stage too, said the Team's directeur sportif Manel Lacambra. "The riders showed awesome teamwork today."

Throughout today's 64-mile road stage, Team TIBCO worked tirelessly to bring back breaks and control the race for their GC leader.

It was our goal today to keep the leader's jersey; we did that and are very happy, said Olds. "My individual goal wasn't to win the stage, but when I saw Claudia was safe, I went for the sprint."

Hausler stays in pink, while Olds wears the green Points jersey as she leads the Sprint competition. The Team will battle to stay in the lead through tomorrow's road stage.

I'm really looking forward to the next few days, said Häusler.

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