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2013 Paris - Cancellara wins his third title
By Mark Sharon
Date: 4/7/2013
2013 Paris - Cancellara wins his third title
2013 Paris Roubaix

Cancellara wins his third Paris-Roubaix

Top 10 Results:

1. F.Cancellara - 5h45'33"
2. S.Vanmarcke - 0"
3. N. Terpstra - 31"
4. G. Van Avermaet - 31"
5. D Gaudin - 31"
6. Z Stybar - 39"
7. S Langeveld - 39"
8. J.A Flecha - 39"
9. A Kristoff - 50"
10. S Turgot - 50"

Cancellara speaking after the presentation of the famous cobbble trophy, "At the end I really say I don't know how are I did it. I is just amazing having a third victory at the end. There was everyone against our team. Everyone against me. I had to make a decision [in the final kilometres] because the team lost a few guys. That is Roubaix. I had to fight as much as I could. To win, you have all these scenarios in your head but I fight, and I never give up. I don't know how I did it. It is just amazing."

Average speed 44km/h - looking like the second fastest Paris Roubaix of all time.

Sep Vanmarke is a valiant second while Nikki Terpstra takes third from a chasing group of three.

That's Cancellara's third win. It has taken everything out of him. He is lying on the ground. He gets up but has to be helped by two team staff, hardly able to walk.

Updates from the last 30km

CANCELLARA winnnnnns!

Cancellara at the back. Vanmarke is in a bad position. Vanmarke goes! but Cancellara is too strong and comes around to take it on the line.

It's all games now. Up and down he banking. The bell now.

Final kilometre. Last section of cobbles in he centre of Roubaix. So close to the Velodrome, now in it.

2.5km to go. Cancellara and Vanmarke are taking turns but playing cat and mouse at the same time - who is cat? who is the mouse. Can the mouse roar? Both are stretching, feeling the pain, but no showing it. How is Cancellara feeling after a couple of falls htis week?

Cancellara attacks but Vanmarke responds. It's tarmac now for 3km then a minor section of cobbles, a token 1km.

Under 5km to go. A full minute advantage from the two leaders back to a chasing group of six which includes Stybar now.

Cancellara is looking less threatening with Vanmarke pushing on. Stybar is chasing for all he is worth. Every cobble must feel like a mountain. He is joined by Flecha who looks around for some help from the exhausted Stybar - some hope.

5.5km to go for the leaders. Behind Terpstra, Flecha, Paolini, Langeveld enter the cobbles, still chasing hard, with Stybar marooned in the middle.

Last section of significant cobbles coming up - 1300m Hem. Cancellara is leading Sep Vanmarke. The latter takes a turn, which plays into Cancellara's hands perhaps?

10km to go. Stybar is at 32", just a few seconds ahead of a group containing Paolini and

12.5km. Now there are just two leaders - Cancellara and Vanmarke. Stybar is chasing hard, but now 21 seconds back. He is throwing caution to the wind, skidding around the last corner on this section if cobbles, pulling his foot out and only just managing to stay upright.

Stybar's turn to be hit by a spectator. He stays upright but flies form one side of the road to the other - not far to go but he has lost 10" almost immediately.

15km to go - Carrefour de l'Arbre. Cancellara raises the tempo suddenly, but Stybar and Vanmarke pass the test.

Vandenbergh crashes - nasty fall. Hit a spectator in the righthand gutter, lands on his back grimacing.

17km to go. Now for leaders, Vandebergh, Vanmarke, Cancellara and Stybar. Langeveld and Gaudin are dropping off the back of the chasing group

18Sector 5 of pave - Comphin en Pevele. Dust rising everywhere, churned up by the camerabikes. The riders choosing whatever part of the road they can cope with, some in the gutter, some riding right down the crown.

Stijn Vandenbergh (Omega Pharma Quick Step) and Sep Vanmarcke (Blanco) have just 13" advantage over the steaming Swiss and Czech and it is shrinking rapidly..

Cancellara attacks, chasing down Gaudin and Terpstra, nad passing. The others can't stand the pace set by the powerful Swiss rider. Except for the Czech cyclo-cross rider Stybar who is a surprise contender now.

Paolini has punctured, Gaudin has attacked, followed by Terpstra.

25km to go. The leaders have hit another section of cobbles - 1200m.

There are two leaders Sep Vanmarcke and Vandenbergh, chased at 30 secs by Gaudin, Flecha, Langeveld, Paolini, Stybar, Van Avermaet, and Cancellara. Another group with Sylvain Cahavanel is a furhter 30 secs back..

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