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San Dimas Stage Race - Stage 2: Photo Gallery
By Luke Allingham
Date: 3/25/2013
San Dimas Stage Race - Stage 2: Photo Gallery

The PRO Women descend the Raging Waters dam in Mt. Boneli State Park . Photo Dana Gardner

Men's 35+ stay together as they complete 8 laps on stage 2 . Photo Dana Garder

Men's CAT 3 on a short downhill of the course just before the KOM (13%) climb. Photo Dana Gardner

Men's PRO's Phil Gaimon #14 (in yellow after stage 1); Chris Uberti of Team Smartstop #137; Jonathan McCarty of Team Bissell #15. Photo Dana Gardner

PRO's from Team Kenda heading towards the KOM. Photo Dana Gardner

Leader, Phil Gaimon (in yellow after stage 1), on the straight away where he would crash later, and be helicoptered away from the race. Photo Dana Gardner

KOM leader after stage 1, Janier Acevedo of Jamis. Photo Dana Gardner

Men's CAT 2 winner of stage 2, Tim Aiken of Bear Development Team, crossing the finish line in victory. Photo Dana Gardner

Under 23 development team, Team Winded post-race. Photo Dana Gardner

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