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Women’s Tour of Costa Rica makes debut on UCI schedule
By Imelda March
Date: 2/13/2013
Women’s Tour of Costa Rica makes debut on UCI schedule
The Vuelta Internacional Femenina a Costa Rica/Women’s Tour of Costa Rica makes its debut on the women’s Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) calendar in 2013. The race has been a regional stage race, on and off for many years. The race is scheduled for February 21 to 24 and will consist of five stages.

This is the first time that both the men and women tours were granted equal classification of UCI 2.2. The men’s tour was held December 17-29 of December and won by Colombian Oscar Sanchez.

The following are the dates and times for each stage:

♦ Stage 1 (Thursday, February 21) Estadio Nacional-Esparza (89,4kms)
♦ Stage 2 (Friday, February 22) El Lagar Roble de Puntrenas-Paseo de los Turistas (ITT 13kms)
♦ Stage 3 (Friday, February) Esparza-Miramar-Paseo de los Turistas (51kms)
♦ Stage 4 (Saturday, February 23) Heredia-San Ramón-Palmares-Grecia (84kms)
♦ Stage 5 (Sunday February 24) Federacion Costaricense de Ciclismo La Sábana (88kms)

Registration for this year’s tour closes on Friday, February 15 at 5:00 p.m.

National teams can be reinforced with a maximum of two foreign riders and foreign teams can be reinforced with two Costa Rican riders, this is an agreement with the Board of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation.

At press time, a start list has not yet been published; however, eight teams have been invited including riders with affiliations to the United States, El Salvador, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala. Participants will earn UCI points provided that at minimum of five international teams completes the stages.

Costa Rican riders Natalia Navarro, Brenda Muñoz, Natalia López and Laura Marín will ride for El Guarco-V ONE-Bicicletas Focus as one of the seven in-country teams that will be part of the peloton.

Hernan Solado, president of the Cycling Federation of Costa Rica (Federación Costarricense de Ciclismo/FECOCI), stated that it his hope that foreign teams take notice of both Natalia Navarro and Gabriela Arias and even consider signing them on.

Central American regional star Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador) of Pasta Zara-Cogeas-Manhattan will be joined by Italians Giada Borgato and Rossella Callovi; Lituanians Agne Silinyte, Inga Cilvinaite and Edita Janeliunaite, Americans Amber Neben and Amber Pierce.

Confirmed are also Team Colombia with Sérika Gulumá, Ana Sanabria, Diana Peñuela, Angie Sanabria, Patricia Buitrago, Nicole Estrada and Liliana Moreno; while Team Guatemala will be represented by Cynthia Eugenia Lee López, Emelyn Lourdes Galicia Ramírez, Jazmín Gabriela Soto López and María Fernanda Morales Rodríguez.

Please note that riders are subject to change based on injuries and/or team/country race priorities.


♦ 2012 Edith Guillen (Costa Rica)
♦ 2011 Edith Guillen (Costa Rica)
♦ 2010 Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador)
♦ 2009 Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador)
♦ 2008 Gloria Gutierrez (Colombia)
♦ 2007 Adriana Rojas (Costa Rica)
♦ 2006 Adriana Rojas (Costa Rica)
♦ 2005 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 2004 Viviana Maya (Colombia)
♦ 2003 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 2002 Karen Matamoros (Costa Rica)
♦ 1991 Rosaura Mendez (Costa Rica)


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About the author: An experienced racer, Imelda March lives in Chicago and is a member of Team Kenda. She is a frequent contributor to The Daily Peloton Cycling News team, reporting on women’s cycling news and general peloton ramblings. She also holds an MBA, is a marketing strategy expert, and is a social media team member/contributor to the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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