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Gilmore on cancellation of the women's tour of New Zealand
By Staff
Date: 12/11/2012
Gilmore on cancellation of the women's tour of New Zealand
Rochelle Gilmore, Manager of the Dream Team Pro Cycling (DTPC) issues statement reacting on the news of the cancellation of the women's Tour of New Zealand in 2013.

“I have mixed feeling about this situation. Whilst the UCI and WADA are enforcing strict drug testing regulations for women's events, the race organisers can not afford the costs involved. I strongly believe we should have extensive drug testing at all UCI events and this indeed should be a normal standard and regulation at all World Class, international events that offer UCI points, however, it's evident that the race organisers need more support from our World Governing Body, the UCI, WADA and/or the IOC.

Jorge Sandoval, the organiser of this UCI Women's race has put years of effort, commitment and determination into making a women's UCI race happen in New Zealand, it's very sad to see him lose his race because he can't afford the level of testing that is required. The women suffer the loss of another World Class event. I'd like to personally contribute in some way to make this magnificent event find it's way back onto the Women's UCI calendar asap.” – Rochelle Gilmore


Women’s Tour of New Zealand Cancelled

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