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Cyclocross Contern
By Bart Hazen
Date: 10/22/2012
Cyclocross Contern

Cyclocross Contern
Jim Aernouts wins international cyclo cross in Contern, Luxembourg. Outsprints compatriot Jan Denuwelaere for the win. Tim Merlier rounds off all Belgian podium.

Jim Aernouts (Sunweb-Revor) has won the international cyclo cross in Contern, Luxembourg. In a sprint-with-two he was faster than his compatriot Jan Denuwelaere. A few seconds later Tim Merlier finished in third rounding off the complete Belgian podium. Jens Vandekinderen and Daan Soete finished in fourth and fifth.

The podium with Aernouts, Denuwelaere and Merlier. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

Despite the World Cup in Tabor there were still about 30 riders taken the start in a warm 22 degrees celcius. Aernouts took the hole shot and created a nice gap. Mitchell Huenders and Sascha Weber did a lot of work in the chasing group to catch up with Aernouts but didn't succeed. They even dropped far back as they paid for their efforts. Halfway the race Denuwelaere bridged up to Aernouts and the two stayed together until the far end.

Jim Aernouts takes the win in Contern. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

Result Elite Men
1 Jim AERNOUTS 01:04:57
3 Tim MERLIER 01:05:27
4 Jens VANDEKINDEREN 01:05:32
5 Daan SOETE 01:05:40

Jim Aernouts attacks in the first lap. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

6 Kevin CANT 01:05:52
7 Dave DE CLEYN 01:06:06
8 Nico BRÜNGGER 01:06:12
9 Ritchie DENOLF 01:06:19
10 Matthias VAN DE VELDE 01:06:1

Jim Aernouts and Jan Denuwelaere. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

11 Tom VAN DEN BOSCH 01:06:41
12 Matthias BOSSUYT 01:06:45
13 Toon AERTS 01:06:57
14 Floris DE TIER 01:07:15
15 Yorben VAN TICHELT 01:07:29

Jan Denuwelaere. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

Jim Aernouts. Photo © 2012 Bart Hazen

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