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RadioShack Nissan Trek Ends Relationship with Johan Bruyneel
By Luke Allingham
Date: 10/12/2012
RadioShack Nissan Trek Ends Relationship with Johan Bruyneel

Johan Bruyneel and UCI President Pat McQuaid. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Luxembourg based RadioShack Nissan Trek cycling team has confirmed today that their General Manager Johan Bruyneel has been removed from his role on the team just two days after USADA's Reasoned Decision was released. The Belgian director has acted as the General Manager at the team since the merger between RadioShack and Leopard Trek at the end of 2011.

"Acting in mutual agreement, on October 12 Leopard SA and Johan Bruyneel decided to end their collaboration. From this day on, Johan Bruyneel will no longer act in the position of General Manager of cycling team RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK," the team statement read.

"The Reasoned Decision published by the USADA included a number of testimonies as a result of their investigation. In light of these testimonies, both parties feel it is necessary to make this decision since Johan Bruyneel can no longer direct the Team in an efficient and comfortable way. His departure is desirable to ensure the serenity and cohesiveness within the Team."

"RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK wishes to thank Johan Bruyneel for his dedication and devotion since his arrival in the Team."

"The USADA investigation does not concern the activities of Mr. Bruyneel while managing the RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK Team. Johan Bruyneel contests the validity of the procedure as well as the charges against him."

Bruyneel acted as the General Manager at US Postal and Discovery Channel throughout the years that Lance Armstrong won his seven consecutive Tour titles. In USADA's Reasoned Decision, Bruyneel is said to be aware of all doping actions that occurred on the teams of Lance Armstrong from 1999-2005. "He was on top of the details for organizing blood transfusion programs before the major Tours," the USADA report stated.

In his own statement, Bruyneel said: "I have decided to step back from my official team activities in order to concentrate on my defence, and in order to shield the RadioShack - Nissan - Trek cycling team from unnecessary distractions."

"I am surprised and extremely disappointed that USADA released information in the public domain relating to their pending case against me before I had been given any opportunity to review the evidence and provide my defence against it. I still hope to be able to defend myself in a forum free from bias, although I now fear that USADA’s calculated action may have irreversibly prejudiced my case. It is a troubling facet of USADA’s approach to this case that it appears not to respect basic principles such as the right to be heard and the presumption of innocence."

"I hope everyone will understand that in order to preserve the integrity of the on-going legal proceedings, I cannot unfortunately make any further comment for the time being. Once again, I would like to thank all of those who have reached out to me offering their support in these difficult days – it is very much appreciated."
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