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Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking to Hitec Products in 2013
By Staff
Date: 10/4/2012
Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking to Hitec Products in 2013

Following the additions of the world championships numbers two and six, Australian Rachel Neylan and Italian Rossella Ratto, we are proud to let you know that we signed contracts with Swedish time trial queen Emilia Fahlin and Australian super sprinter Chloe Hosking, both from the most winning team in 2012, Team Specialized Lululemon.

Both riders are young in age but very experienced as cyclists. They will bring in the confidence and knowledge gathered riding for years with the worlds best sprinter Ina Yoko Teutenberg and world champion time trialist Judith Arndt.

Emilia Fahlin, triple Swedish ITT champion and also road champion 2009 is born in 1988, have raced since 2007 for the various variants of the worlds leading women UCI team, T-Mobile, HTC Columbia, HTC Highroad and Specialized Lululemon. She is easy to spot in the peloton, not just for her blonde hair, but because she is usually sitting in the front, making the race for her team mates, reeling in a break, or leading out the sprinters. But Emilia is not just a great domestic, she also have a mean finish of her own. Her motivation for the move is to share her experience with the young riders in the team and also take a new step of her own. She is a very good time trialist, and look forward to again ride on a Scott Plasma where she had her best results.

Chloe Hosking is one of the world’s best sprinters, including the occasional headbutts, elbows and freedom of speaking her mind, see links below. With her 161 centimeters and born in 1990 she will team up perfectly with the current team sprinter Emilie Moberg. She entered the womens peloton in 2009 with winning ‘Tour of Chongming Island’ in China and continued to outsprint everybody. HTC Columbia and sprinter queen Teutenberg reacted accordingly and included her in their winning culture. This year Chloe Hosking won major races like ‘Ronde van Drente 8’, ‘Halle Buizingen’ and ‘Route de France’ (Stage). Still coached by Teutenberg, her speed and attitude is very promising for the future.

A significant observation of Emilia and Chloe during 2012 (and common to all the new signings) is their additional ability to put own goals aside and sacrifice everything for the team when needed. It is an ability that is valued above all other skills in our team.


Emilia: ‘Helvete’ (upon breaking a chain link in 2012 Swedish Championships Road Race in a descicive moment )

Chloe; ‘I meant what I said, not how I said it’ (About calling UCI-president Pat McQuaid a ‘dick’)

The team wants to express a huge thank you to Emma Johansson and her husband and sports director Martin Vestby for their contributions the growth of the team the last two years. The wins we achieved will always be remembered and we remain grateful and thankful to them for what we achieved.


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