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2012 Olympic Games: Armstrong takes gold in time trial
By Staff
Date: 8/1/2012
2012 Olympic Games: Armstrong takes gold in time trial
The Olympic Games individual time trial crowned the worlds best today. 25 participants raced one single loop covering 29kilometers/18 miles of a slightly technical route that started at Hampton Court Palace, and traveled via Sandown race course and Cobham. The women were set off in 90-second intervals.

Visit Olympic Games Women Individual Time Trial Route to review the route.

Armstrong declared that she is officially retired after defending her time trial title from the 2008 Beijing Summer Games in today’s individual time trial.

Time trial bronze medalist Olga Zabelinskaya also took home bronze for the road race event. Olga had lead earlier in the event.

Host nation Great Britain, United States and Germany showed their dominance by placing two women in the top ten.


Start: Hampton Court Palace
Finish: Hampton Court Road
Total Distance: Elite Women 29km/18 miles

THE COURSE The women covered a 29 kilometers/18miles and riders were dispatched 90 seconds apart, on a course which started and ended at historic Hampton Court Palace in south-west London. The route incorporated sections of Richmond, Kingston-upon-Thames and Surrey in a single lap of riding. Two time-checks were on the route on the predominantly flat route, the first at Walton Common and the second at Littleworth Common.


1. ARMSTRONG Kristin (United States) 37:34.82
2. ARNDT Judith 37:50.29 (Germany) 37:30.29
3 ZABELINSKAYA Olga 37:57.35 (Russia)
4. VILLUMSEN Linda Melanie 37:59.18 (New Zealand)
5. HUGHES Clara 38:28.96 (Canada)
6. POOLEY Emma 38:37.70 (Great Britain)
7. NEBEN Amber 38:45.17 (United States)
8. van DIJK Ellen 38:53.68 (Netherlands)
9. WORRACK Trixi 39:20.73 (Germany)
10. ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth 39:26.24 (Great Britain)

For full results visit, London 2012 Women Time Trial Results.


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2012 Olympic Games - London: Women's RR

2012 Olympic Games: Vos wins, a flat dampens US medal hope

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