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Memorial Cimurri - Gran Premio Bioera Report & Photos
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 10/4/2009
Memorial Cimurri - Gran Premio Bioera Report & Photos

Memorial Cimurri - Gran Premio Bioera
Italian Champion 'Pippo' Pozzato wins the 5th edition of the 191 kilometer Reggio Emilia Fall Classic in Bologna...

Filippo Pozzato won the fifth edition of the race in Reggio Emilia a sprint finish of  about 40 riders. The Italian champion bested Luca Paolini of Acqua Sapone and Daniele Colli of Carmiooro/Astyle. Mihaylo Khalilov (Ceramica Flaminia) and Milram's Johannes Fröhlinger filled out the top five in the bunch finish.

22 kilometers after leaving Parma was the launching pad for the break of the day on the first of four 31 km circuits that included the 10 kilometer climb of the montagna di Viano, a gravity test of 430 meters. The six raiders, Vladimir Duma (Flaminia Bossini), Hector Gonzalez (Fuji/Servetto), Riccardo Chiarini (LPR/Farnese Vini) Alessandro Donati (Acqua & Sapone/Caffè Mokambo), Vitaliy Kondrut (ISD/Neri) and Domenico Loria (Centri della Calzatura) put in a strong assault for victory in the new Fall Northern Italian classic.

Alessandro Ballan and team Lampre lead the chase. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Working in perfect agreement the six opened up a gap of 9:28 by the 50 kilometer marker. A determined chase and the stiffness of the course worked against the six leaders. The chase led by Lampre/NGC with 2008 world champion Alessandro Ballan making his second appearance at the front without his rainbow jersey. Acqua & Sapone and Katusha joined in the chase helping to close the gap on the larger circuit.

Fuji/Servetto's Hector Baeza Gonzalez attacks the break.

On the final lap of the larger circuit Fuji/Servetto's Hector Baeza Gonzalez  attacked on the final climb of the Viano as the cooperation in the group shattered; but the rider was caught on the climb and dropped. Behind Lampre doubled their efforts to catch the now 5 leaders as the race approached the final three 5 km circuits in Bologna. After 170 kilometers run, the sextet of escapees approached  the final three laps of the 5 km after  circuit lined by large crowds of the tifosi.

Riccardo Chiarini, Vitaly Kondrut, and Vladimir Duma lead the break.
Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Riccardo Chiarini was the last to evade capture, but his efforts came to an end on the first of the local laps. Attacks followed first by Lampre launched an attack by Paolo Tiralongo but with  'Pippo' Pozzato leading the chase he escape was short lived.. Likewise Gabriele Bosisio made an tempt as well on the closing laps; but his effort met with as little success as Tiralongo's.

Lampre launches Paolo Tiralongo's attack. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Bosisio attacks through the finish area on the final circuits.
Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

The lead group of 40 riders approached the finish in Bologna. It soon became clear that the classic dedicated to Giannetto and  Chiarino Cimurri would be decided in a mass sprint.

Filippo Pozzato led around the final turn to the finish timed his attack for the final 300 meters and coming around Mikhaylo Khalilov at 150 meters and holding off his rivals for the victory by a commanding margin of two bike lengths.

The tifosi cheer as Filippo Pozzato,  Mikhaylo Khalilov, Luca Paolini, GiovanniVisconti approach the line... Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Filippo Pozzato after race comments:
"My victory is the result of a great team, I'm going through a good period of form and today I proved to do well on the climbs, with the help of my team mates Mazzanti, Karpets and Petrov we were able to sew up the sprint.. I flew on the wheel Khalilov, the winner of the Memorial Cimurri 2008. I managed to revive the pace near the finish line. Right now I have a really great condition. As for the race I must say that it was fast from the start."

Vittoria Filippo Pozzato!  Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

For the 28-year-old rider it is his fifth win of the season having won, E3 Prijs Harelbeke, a stage in the Three Days of De Panne, the Italian road championship and the Giro del Veneto.

"In the center of Reggio Emilia so many people lining the roads and this is the best proof that the organizers have worked well. The addition of the final street circuits today is undoubtedly the best way to give the public the 'opportunity to see their champions up close. "

"The words of Filippo Pozzato," said Giorgio Cimurri, "fills me with joy. I want to propose once again the city circuit just because I remember when, as a child, I attended the races with the desire to see the athletes and the whole caravan passing several times; and today the public has crowded the downtown streets on the route that the province has been the best answer... the public has responded beyond expectations and the day was wonderful. A real success. "

Filippo Pozzato arrives on the podium. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

5th Memorial Cimurri Grand Prix Bioera
Parma - Bologna

191.5 km - 4:20:21  - 44.133 km/h
1 Pozzato Filippo Kat Team Katusha 4.20.21
2  Paolini Luca Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo 0:00
3  Colli Daniele Cmo Carmiooro/A Style 0:00

4  Khalilov Mikhaylo Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce 0:00
5 Fröhlinger Johannes Mrm Team Milram 0:00

2009 Memorial Cimurri podium: Luca Paolini, Filippo Pozzato and Daniele Colli
Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

6 Visconti Giovanni Isd Isd Neri Sottoli 0:00
7  Starchyk Volodymyr Amo Amore & Vita/Mcdonald's 0:00
8   Gasparotto Enrico Lam Lampre/N.G.C St
9 Tosatto Matteo Qst Quick Step St
10  Clarke Simon Isd Isd Neri Sottoli St
11  Solari Luca Sda Serramenti Pvc Diquigiovanni-Androni Giosctattoli
12  Carvajal Jaramileldowin Mie Miche/Silver Cros/Selle Italia St
13 Pozzovivo Domenico Csf Csf Group/Navigare St
14  Zen Enrico Csf Csf Group/Navigare St
15  Stangelj Gorazd Liq Liquigas St
16 Longo Borghini Paolo Bar Barloworld St
17   Kessiakoff Fredrik Fuj Fuji-Servetto St
18  Capecchi Eros Fuj Fuji-Servetto St
19  Fernandez De Laa Plbeebrtloa Ramos Fuj Fuji-Servetto St
20  Malacarne Davide Qst Quick Step St
21   Taborre Fabio Sda Serramenti Pvc Diquigiovanni-Androni Giosctattoli

22  Huzarski Bartosz Isd Isd Neri Sottoli  - 0:04
23  Cataldo Dario Qst Quick Step  - 0:06"
24   Axelsson Niklas Ute Team Utensilnord St
25  Caccia Diego Bar Barloworld St
26  Mazzanti Luca Kat Team Katusha St
27 Bailetti Paolo Fuj Fuji-Servetto St
28  Failli Francesco Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
29  Beuret Laurent Cmo Carmiooro/A Style St
30  Salerno Cristiano Lpr Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini St
31  Masciarelli Francesco Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
32  Bellotti Francesco Bar Barloworld St
33  Soler Hernandez juan Mauricio Bar Barloworld St
34  Tiralongo Paolo Lam Lampre/N.G.C St
35  Bertagnolli Leonardo Sda Serramenti Pvc Diquigiovanni-Androni Giosctattoli

36  Agnoli Valerio Liq Liquigas -0:14"
37  Anza Santo Isd Isd Neri Sottoli 25"
38  Caruso Giampaolo Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce 31"
39  Giordani Leonardo Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce 33"
40  Ballan Alessandro Lam Lampre/N.G.C 45"

41  Bosisio Gabriele Lpr Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini  - 1:13"
42 Karpets Vladimir Kat Team Katusha 1'16"
43  Duma Vladimir Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce 1'18"
44   Pidgornyy Ruslan Isd Isd Neri Sottoli St

45  Marangoni Alan Csf Csf Group/Navigare 2'37"
46  Ginanni Francesco Sda Serramenti Pvc Diquigiovanni-Androni Giosctattoli
47  Marczynski Tomasz Mie Miche/Silver Cros/Selle Italia St
48  Velo Marco Qst Quick Step St
49   Impey Daryl Bar Barloworld St
50   Marzoli Ruggero Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
51 Corti Marco Bar Barloworld St
52  Nikandrov Dmitri Czp Centri Della Calzatura St
53  Giunti Massimo Mie Miche/Silver Cros/Selle Italia St
54  Gentili Massimiliano Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce St
55   D'angelo Davide Czp Centri Della Calzatura St
56 Rossi Enrico Flm Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce St
57   Mori Manuele Lam Lampre/N.G.C St
58   Russ Matthias Mrm Team Milram 2'39"
59   Finetto Mauro Csf Csf Group/Navigare St
60  Cattaneo Marco Lpr Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini St
61 Montaguti Matteo Lpr Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini St
62  Reda Francesco Qst Quick Step St
63  Pagoto Andrea Ute Team Utensilnord St
64  Chiarini Riccardo Lpr Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini St
65  Pierfelici Luca Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
66   Donati Alessandro Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
67  Codol Massimo Asa Acqua & Sapone/Caffe Mokambo St
68  Kondrut Vitaliy Isd Isd Neri Sottoli St
69 Santaromita Ivan Liq Liquigas St
70 Fischer Murilo Antonio Liq Liquigas St
71 Vandborg Brian Liq Liquigas St
72  Canuti Federico Csf Csf Group/Navigare St
Organisateur Gruppo Sportivo Emilia
Participants: 136 
Abandons : 64

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