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Charlie Melk

I spent a good portion of my youth destroying bicycles in many different ways, most of which required frantically bailing in mid-air. Once my parents were certain that I had more guts than brains, and furthermore, that they had more sense than money, they made me buy my own bikes - that was when I was 11, and ever since, I have been on a road bike. My parents, you see, wouldnít let me buy a bmx bike, which is what I really wanted. So you could say that this whole roadie thing has been a happy accident.

I used to ride that big, silver Huffy everywhere - even into town, which was 4 miles away. I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to do that; so much so, in fact, that I bought a touring bike and started going on longer rides.

Once I started touring, at 14, it became obvious that I was more cut out for racing, as I used to race against everyone I was touring with. You know what I mean - they were the kind of races where no one actually knew we were racing but me.

At 15, I started racing for real, and havenít ever stopped. Above racing, however, I just really enjoy getting out on my bike for a couple of hours and riding myself into oblivion. As you can see, not much has changed in that department since I was a kid.

Along with my love for the bike, I have always had a love for writing. For a guy like me, the two just automatically go hand in hand. I like to write about many things, but the one subject that undoubtedly captures my interest over any other is cycling. I hope that comes through in the articles I write and the interviews I conduct.

Youíve made a good choice in reading The Daily Peloton. Thanks for your curiosity about me as well. Iíll do my best to keep it interesting.



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